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Solid fir wood and poplar multi ply wood (cls. 1), polyurethane pads with density 40, with a layer of polyester fibre. The seats lay on crossed elastic straps with padding made of polyurethane flakes (40%), down (30%) and polyester fibre (30%). Divided by internal chambers. Fixing by zip fastener. Standard made in the same shade as the cover. It is possible to have different shades without extra charge. Metal joining mechanism with gradual locking. Applied at the bottom of each couple of elements, foldaway in side position. All foams, downs and polyester fibers used are exclusively fireproof

Shapes and Dimensions


Clichè Up.jpg


Height of the seating: 44 cm (17.3”)

Height of the armrest: 68 cm (26.8”)

Depth of the seating: 62 cm (24.4”)