Delivery & Shipping



Q1.What if only part of my order has arrived?

Please check at the point of delivery that you have received all of the items stated on the delivery note. If anything is missing, please clearly mark it on the delivery note and inform the logistics team. They will then, subject to stock availability, make arrangements for another delivery free of charge.


Q2.Can you dispose of my old furniture?

-Yes,Nookliving provides a disposal service with the purchase of products. The service is only applicable to one pick-up and delivery under the same address on the same day at the same time.

-Disposal service must be arranged at least 1 day prior to the delivery date. Customers may pay the disposal service fee directly to the delivery team on the same day of delivery/disposal.

-Disposal service is not applicable to addresses that require transport through balconies, windows, address 10 floors or above or that need to be reached by boathouse or yacht.

-This service is subject to our discretion and schedule. Nookliving accepts no liability for the furniture once it has been disposed.

Item Charges/pc  
Bed frame HK$500  
Sofa - 1 seater/armchair HK$500  
Sofa - 2.5 / 3 seater HK$500  
Sofas - 4 seaters/L shapes (break down into 2pcs) HK$600  
Mattresses ,Dining tables, Sideboards ,Wardrobes, Cabinets, TV unit, Bookcase HK$500  
Side tables /Coffee tables /Bedside tables /Rugs HK$200  
Dining Chair HK$100  
Marble/glass dining tables (length < 4 ft.) HK$800  
Disassemble fee HK$350  


Q3.Which days do you deliver on?

Deliveries occur between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday (you will be given a three-hour delivery window prior to delivery). Surcharges apply should you require a Saturday delivery or out of office hours.


Q4.What is the delivery charges?

Locations Charges  
Hong Kong Island HK$300  
Kowloon HK$350  
New Territories HK$500  
Tung Chung,Ma Wan & Discovery Bay HK$600  


Q5.Do I need to pay stair charges?

Staircase charges are applied when carrying items either up, down, inside or outside your premise.We climb stairs only if items can be carried through a stairwell. More than 3 steps counts as 1 floor with a maximum 10 steps per floor. The number of floors is calculated on the number of storeys in the building.Carrying items more than 10 floors may require an outside delivery company and customers will be responsible for the additional charges incurred.Please note our delivery team will not transport items up the outside of a building using ropes etc.

Item Charges per floor per item  
Coffee Tables,Side Tables,Stools, Dining Tables,etc HK$100  
Dining chairs HK$50  
Armchairs,Sofas(1Seater,2Seaters), Ottomans, Benches, Loungers, Mattresses, etc. HK$100  
Desks, Sideboards, Cabinets, Tables, etc. HK$100  
Wall art, Mirrors, Rugs HK$100  
Bookcases,Wardrobes for every two doors unit HK$100  
L shaped sofas,3Seater Sofas,4Seater Sofas, bed frames HK$200  
**If the items cannot fit into the premise for any reason, staircase fees still apply for the service received.    


Q6.What's the your delivery procedure?

Our Delivery Procedure

1.You must be at home to accept delivery; we cannot leave the goods otherwise.

2.Our Logistic Team will call you in advance to confirm the delivery date and time with you.

3.On the day of delivery, our Delivery Team will call you within an hour of their arrival time to confirm someone is home to accept the order.

4.On arrival, your goods will be unwrapped from the transit packaging, quality inspected, assembled and placed in the requested room position and all packaging will be removed if required.

5.You will be asked to sign our Delivery Note to confirm you understand the policy and are happy with the products delivered.

6.If the delivery is unsuccessful (for instance, you are not at the place of delivery at the agreed time or because the goods are too large to fit into your home), a $500 charge will be levied.


Delivery Conditions

1.All items delivered should be considered well received. Nookliving will not bear responsibility for any damaged or missing items found after a signed acknowledgement of receipt.

2.Additional purchases, new sales orders or amendments should be made 2 working days before the scheduled delivery date. Otherwise an additional delivery charge may apply.

3.If a customer cannot be reached within 24 hours to arrange delivery, Nookliving reserves the right to cancel or re-arrange delivery without further notice and extra charges may apply.

4.No discounts apply to service charges. Customer may pay cash to the Delivery Team for any additional charges that may apply due to circumstances on delivery.

5.Delivery includes unwrapping and assembly of goods purchased. The Delivery Team is instructed to dispose of packing materials on behalf of customer. Unwrapping and assembly will only be carried out at the time of delivery. Subsequent assembly service is available on appointment and includes additional charges.

6.If our delivery truck is unable to reach the delivery address directly due to any road conditions/restrictions and/or other environmental circumstances, requiring further physical delivery effort between the legitimate parking area and the customers' address, additional fees may apply.

7.Delivery failure due to no one answering the door or phone upon the arrival of goods at the appointed time will require a re-arrangement of delivery, therefore double delivery charges may apply.

8.If the removal of gates, doors or other fixtures is required for delivery, we do not bear the risk or responsibility of any damages caused.


Exclusions of delivery:

1.Wall-mount or lamp installation.

2.Delivery to boats, boathouses or yachts.

3.Delivery to outer islands (except Ma Wan, Discovery Bay and Tung Chung). Should deliveries be made to a quayside or pier on Hong Kong, Kowloon or the New Territories, the customer is responsible for arranging sea transport and loading/unloading as well as for payment for any charges thus incurred.

4.Delivering other companies products or moving any items other than the items on delivery, which were originally purchased from us.


Q7.How can I help ensure a successful delivery?

Please try to provide us with accurate delivery details and make sure to be home at the agreed-upon time window. we would also appreciate you making room for us to assemble your furniture wherever you would like it to be placed in your home.


Q8.What if the delivery team is running late?

Occasionally we may not be able to deliver at the agreed-on time due to traffic or delay from a previous delivery. in these cases, we will call to inform you of our estimated time of arrival.


Q9.What if there is a problem with my new furniture upon delivery (i.e.: damaged goods)?

Please check your items carefully and let us know if you have any issues with your purchase upon delivery. our delivery team will revert back to our sales team who will contact you directly to discuss how we can help rectify any issues.


Q10.What if my purchase does not fit the lift?

Wherever possible we will deliver your furniture via the lift, as long as the pieces fit. If you are not sure of fit, use our measurement guide to make sure it fits! If the pieces don't fit in the lift, we are happy to carry your pieces up the stairs, but please understand that carrying furniture up and down stairs is hard work and incurs an industry-standard fee, which goes directly to the delivery boys who do the heavy lifting. The fee is based on the numbers of stairs, which our sales team would be happy to review with you during the ordering process. 


Q11.What charges can I expect to pay to have my oversea orders shipped?

For overseas purchases, the prices will vary based on the volume of items ordered and your location. our sales team will work with you to provide a quotation and delivery details on a case-by-case basis.