Q1.Do your stores open everyday?


Our stores open almost everyday from 1000-1900, we only close on the first four days of Chinese Lunar New Year.



Q2.Where can I find the product information?


Click on the products page to find your product, then click on the product to its product detail page. More information will appear.



Q3.I had purchased your sofa ,can I have a extra cover?


Please let us know which sofa you had purchased and we will get back to you the price of the extra covers.



Q4.Would it be possible to buy your products from overseas? I need to move to Hong Kong later but I live in Japan at the moment?


Yes, you can place the order now and we deliver the item to you once you are ready to move into your new home in Hong Kong.



Q5.I want to buy one of your sofas but it is out of stock. Can you sell me the floor model? And would it be cheaper?


Normally we do not sell our floor display. However, you can email us to find out the shop floor model is sellable to customer or not, whether or not we can offer discount on the sofa is all depending on the condition of it.



Q6.Which kinds of products can be customer made?


Normally we can design and produce most the furnitures(beds,wardrobes,bookcases etc.) and rugs(size,shapes and patterns).



Q7.What is the delivery time for custom made items?


Custom-made items around 6~8 weeks.



Q8.How will I know if my furniture will fit through my door?


Finding something you love is one thing. Making sure it fits is another. Measuring to ensure your furniture will fit is something we highly recommend before purchasing or arranging delivery. Use our measurement guide to make sure it fits!


Q9.How do I complain to Nookliving if I'm not happy?


In the unlikely event that you do not receive the service you expect, please e-mail sales@nookliving.com.hk or contact our showroom and ask to speak to the Retail Sales Manager who would be happy to assist you further. We take any complaint seriously and will aim to have your issue resolved to your satisfaction as soon as possible.